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    The Reel Lifestyle

    Why do girls suck at fishing?

    Why do girls suck at fishing?

    Denis Isbister from Wild Fish Wild Places returns to Reel Lifestyle to explain why girls suck at fishing. What?! Keep reading. Denis was recently in Alaska with Casey Long, Airventures, and his girlfriend Jessica Pollard, where the group used a float plane to get to some of the best King Salmon fishing in the state.
    Here’s his story…
    We departed early one morning from our dry camp log cabin heading for a place called Peters Creek, which was supposed to have a pretty good run of King Salmon at the time. When they arrived to Peters Creek, I started fly fishing, while Jessica was throwing spinners. 
    As the morning progressed, about ten other people showed up in the honey hole, but unfortunately, the fishing was very slow. I couldn’t even catch a fish which was when Jessica started changing colors. A guy came down to lend his expertise and told her that the blue and silver spinners were working that morning. Jessica didn’t let any of us know, but she made a decision to change colors to white, and not even five minutes later she hooked and landed a 15 pound King Salmon right out of the gate. 
    When I helped land the fish I noticed she had used a white Panther Martin spinner instead of the blue and silver one the guy had suggested earlier. Sometimes a girl has to follow her instinct, and this move led to her laughing when she realized I had noticed she switched the spinner. 
    As I released the fish I said, “What happened to the blue and silver spinner?" Jessica just giggled and told me, “Denis, I just felt that maybe the white would work a lot better than the blue and silver." 
    After the first catch Jessica proceeded to land six more King Salmons in the three hour stretch of time, not to mention, only one fish was landed between everybody else while we were there. Jessica broke a spinner off on a tree after landing her seventh king. Low and behold there was a "local expert" close by who wanted to give Jessica some fishing advice, prompted by her breaking the spinner off on the tree. 
    He suggested a spinner that was not in the box as she politely looked at him and said, “Well I have already caught seven of them on mine." 
    He looked at her in disbelief and asked “Seven Kings?" 
    She said, "Yes." 
    “Today?" he asked.
    She replied, "Yes." 
    As he took a step back, he nodded his head and walked away probably completely dumbfounded that she had caught seven King Salmons in one day.
    Now me being a professional fisherman would think that if the fish were biting, they would eat a fly. But in this case, the white spinner in the hands of a girl seemed to be the only thing they wanted that day. So to answer the question posed above, when you’re a professional fisherman and you get your ass kicked by your girlfriend, that's why girls suck at fishing. 
    Girls keep on being amazing and doing what you love to do. Follow your gut, land those King Salmons, and make sure your man knows who's the Boss on the water! 

    Reel Lifestyle partnered with 'Wild Fish Wild Places'

    Reel Lifestyle partnered with 'Wild Fish Wild Places'

    Reel Lifestyle brand has partnered with 'Wild Fish Wild Places' to bring you the most insane fishing destinations, and most wild fish caught on the globe. All of us at Reel Lifestyle are close to Denis Isbister -- one of the main fisherman on the show -- so we sat down with him to capture some inside stories that will never be seen on camera! We invite you to join us, and kick your imagination into high gear as you read Denis's adventures.
    Season 7 kicks off with a trip to the South Pacific--1,300 miles from Honolulu to the island of Kiribati, or as fisherman have come to call it, "Christmas Island." One of the challenges of filming a television show in far off countries, or wild, exotic places is maintaining good health. On this trip, their food supply for the island had been shut off for four months leaving non-perishables and fish as the number one table fair. 
    Denis laughs as he shares the first morning wake up call, which was was at 5am, and a crazy breakfast that entailed pancakes, spam, peanut butter, and coffee! Luckily, they knew this was going to be an issue, so the crew loaded up on Natures Bakery Fig Bars, beef jerky, and Old Milwaukee beer. As the next few days played out, they enjoyed peanut butter jelly sandwiches for lunch, accompanied with more peanut butter and jelly, with fresh sashimi yellow tail and white rice for dinner. 
    The Wild Fish Wild Places crew usually practice catch and release on most of their trips, yet in this case the crew realized this trip was going to be different. Denis laughed aloud as he expressed that as much as they wanted to stick to their plan of catch and release, it wasn't long before they agreed the trip was becoming more about survival. One of the days while fishing the flats, Denis caught a shark, and Dru was having hand to hand combat with a black tip that shortly became dinner. 
    Around day three, they all started to notice that people on the island were catching Pink Eye. Wild Fish Wild Places crew got nervous for obvious reasons, and sure enough, producer Greg caught pink eye, yet was in complete denial of what he had. 
    As the rest of the week unfolded, ten of the twelve people in camp were struck by the most horrible cases of the infection that attacked both eyes. In the weeks prior, they heard about cases of dysentery as they were notified that one of the local girls passing away from this very curable disease. But they knew that they had to be very careful by not getting any water in their mouths as they showered. 
    All in all, it was a successful filming trip; they might might have lost a few pounds from the lack of McDonald's quick pick-ups. But with 18 different species to the camera, beautiful scenery, and some of the most amazing fishing they have ever had, it was well worth leaving the comforts of home to the "Christmas Island Adventure." 
    Stay tuned to the Reel Lifestyle blog, and subscribe to our socials to keep up with more exclusive behind the scenes journeys. 

    The Rouge River

    The Rouge River

    Reel Lifestyle would like to present our blogging station where anything REEL goes. We want your ideas, your journey or stories of what you caught, how you caught it and when. Tell us your story as it matters to us and allow our writer to blog about you and your success as a REEL LIFESTYLE fisherman/woman! Since one of the owners, Rod Cragg, of Reel Lifestyle resides in Gold Beach, Oregon we wanted to mention that Anglers from all of the world come to fish the Rouge River, as the ocean fishing is just as amazing! In Gold Beach there are tons of guides yet there are three that we know of in the area that would love to help you on your next REEL LIFESTYLE adventure! As you all know guides are special people as each one of them are either full time guides, part time or passionately driven by their recreational hobby! They are one with the body of water that they know like the back of their hands who truly live and breath it! Everything that they do in their lives are surrounded by the body of water that they know best which also showcases the insight that they have with what lives in the body of water, where and when! Rod always says, "Treat yourself and fish with a guide, someone who knows more than you do about where you are at and your Reel Lifestyle experience will be one to remember!" By the end of your time with a guide of course you might have caught more fish but you will have learned things that you would never have known without your guide which is just more REEL wisdom and REEL experience!                                            


    If you are thinking about heading to the Rouge River this summer please look at this list below and make a call out to any of these people knowing that they know the Rouge like you know your home! The three men that are deep rooted from Gold Beach, Oregon and are locally known for their passion for fishing are Tyson Crumley, Chris Young and Timothy Young. All three are die hard fishermen with some of the most amazing stories, experiences and desire to give you your next REEL LIFESTYLE guided fishing opportunity on the Rouge River!

    • Tyson Crumley: Call Tyson at 541-698-8338 or visit his website

    • Chris Young Guide Service: 541-247-8115

    • Tim Young Guide Service: 541-698-7952

    Fishing Apparel - 4 Tips to Dress for Success

    Fishing Apparel - 4 Tips to Dress for Success


    Dress in Layers:

    Always carry a few layers when you head out fishing. Weather conditions often change without warning and multiple layers will protect you against the elements. Layering is especially important in remote environments and boat outings. You can become stranded and find yourself facing prolonged exposure to the cold. Keep the following layers in a dry bag and you are ready for almost anything:


    • Base Layer – You can skip this one in the summer but consider a pair of wicking thermal underwear to keep your core warm in cold weather. During the hot months, skip the long underwear and throw on a REEL Lifestyle tank top or t-shirt.
    • Mid-Layer – Wear a long-sleeve and pant layer to remain comfortable in moderate and fluctuating temperatures. The long-sleeve will protect against sun damage and help you remain comfortable on the chilly evening boat ride home. Add a standard hoodie like the zip or pull-over version we have and you are set.
    • Heavy Layer – Hardcore anglers will fish through the worst of weather. Add a heavy layer like the Sherpa lined hoodie to insulate and remain warm. Put waders on over everything to remain dry and you can fish through most anything mother nature has to offer.

    Always Wear Sunglasses:

    Sunglasses are about much more than tinting your field of vision to make your eyes more comfortable. In the fishing world, sunglasses will improve your fishing vision and provide a critical layer of protection for your eyes. Think of them like a hard hat on the job site. Hooks are flying through the air and your eyes are at serious risk of injury when uncovered. 

    There are so many options on the market it can seem overwhelming. Which are the best? Start with a quality pair of polarized sunglasses. A copper or amber tint is a good general tone that covers a good chunk of light scenarios. Ideally, you will have interchangeable lenses, multiple pairs or a photocromatic pair that adjusts automatically based on natural light. Regardless of your choice, wear them at all times while you are fishing. It might save you a painful trip to the hospital.

    Don’t Forget Your Hat

    The hat is as much a tool as a fashion statement on the water. Wear a hat with a good brim to shade the sun and improve vision. Hats also protect your face and ears from some damage. Take it to the next level in extreme sun and wear a face guard like the Buff in our storefront. You will prevent over exposure and the potential for future skin damage.

    Rep a Brand and Look Great

    Pick your favorite fishing brand and wear it with pride. At REEL Lifestyle, we provide options that are both functional and great looking. You can wear our stuff on the water or around town, in the heat or the cold. Wear it hard and wear it out while you chase your favorite fish.