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    The REEL Outdoor Lifestyle

    Women Who Rock: REEL Lifestyle Girl, Caprice Lathe


    Our new REEL Lifestyle Girl, Caprice Lathe!

    Caprice has always been a total fitness buff and a hot bikini body! Coming from Florida, loving water adventures is a part of who she is, and the beach has always been a very close friend. Being a REEL Lifestyle Girl is a no-brainer!

    She stepped onto a yoga mat in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida in 2003.  At first, it was just a simple one class a month thing she added into her exercise regimen.  But, come three years later while living in Manhattan, she discovered various schools and studios and started to go constantly. After NYC, she moved back to Ft. Lauderdale and joined the Barkan Method. She decided to start going on yoga retreats for vacation in France and Thailand.

    By 2011, she signed up for her first teacher training at Red Pearl Yoga, graduating with her 200-RYT.  Today, Caprice holds her own yoga/surfing/relaxation retreats in Costa Rica and also co-chaired her first in Monaco, St. Tropez, Corsica, Italy.  And, has been a teacher on the Zen Cruise to Mexico.

    She is now embarking upon the Barkan Method Level 2/3 Hot Vinyasa teacher training, and her guru, Jimmy Barkan, has asked her to teach others that desire to become yoga teachers around the world in arm-balancing techniques.  

    Congrats and welcome to the REEL Lifestyle, and to connect with Caprice, you can find her on Instagram @Caprice_Lathe_ or you can also find her here:



    REEL’s Recommended Summer Activity: Stand Up Paddleboard Fishing

    REEL’s Recommended Summer Activity: Stand Up Paddleboard Fishing

    Hopefully you saw our recent focus on paddleboarding as an amazing way to get some exercise in (you can view that here). As you can tell, we’re excited about this REEL Lifestyle water activity, but now we want to take it to the next level by adding (yep, you guessed it) – a fishing rod! Only seems REEL-ly appropriate (sorry, couldn’t help it…)  If you want to get a quick look at the activity in action, check out this video: 


    Paddleboard fishing (or also known as SUP Fishing, or Stand Up Paddleboard Fishing)  is becoming more and more popular and can be an incredibly effective way to get out there and catch a bunch of fish in around one to three feet of water.  It’s  ideal for seeing what you are doing on a clear water day, and you’ll have a blast catching fish.


    One of the most important things to keep in mind is that you need to be very comfortable on a paddleboard before you add fishing to the mix.  Also, you should know a little bit about how to fish, what you’ll need and how to carry it on the board so that you are keeping the movement to a minimum once you are out on the water.  Not to mention, keeping your gear to a minimum will also help you manage it efficiently.


    Step 1: You need to make sure you have the right board for SUP fishing.  You want a board that is going to be wide enough to give you balance and have enough room to store your gear. We have a quick review video here that you can check out just to get an idea of some options.

    Step 2: Getting your paddleboard rigged out for fishing is the first step.  You will need a couple of things when rigging out your board for maximum fishability.  Get a cooler or container that have vertical rod holders; a 2” PVC pipe can be attached to a crate to serve as your rod holder.

    You should also consider adding a rope to the back of the board that you tie around your waist so that you can wade in the water and still be attached to your board.  The length of the rope should be just about the full length of the board.

    Here is a great video that shows you exactly how extensively you can set up your paddleboard for fishing:


    Of course, there are many other items you can add like  mounts for camera gear, a mini anchor and more.  But alternatively, you can purchase a paddle board that is a “fishing edition” made by the manufacturer.


    Step 3: You cannot fish and paddle at the same time, so when you put the paddle down you must be very quiet because you don’t want to scare the fish that you’re hopefully really close to. It’s a great idea to  have a rope with a loop on the end of it tied around your waist so that you can put the end of the paddle through the loop.


    Step 4: For some people, fishing gear is like a hoarding activity while for others they only like to bring what they know they will need.  When it comes to SUP fishing, both space and weight are at a premium so make sure you only bring the very minimum so that you can manage your gear efficiently.  By using some the space in front and some of the space in the back you will have more than enough room for either a cooler with some accessories and/or a crate with your tackle box, etc.  

    Once you are all set up it’s time to get out into that clear water and have some fun. It’s an awesome way to get the whole family out for a day of fishing, everyone grabs a board and gear and goes. Give it a whirl this Summer and let us know how it goes!  Remember, start slow and build up because this activity can tire you out a bit.  Share your pics and tag us on Instagram or Facebook and use #REELFishing. Have an awesome time!

    Father's Day is Almost Here & You Can Make Dad REEL Happy!

    Father's Day is Almost Here & You Can Make Dad REEL Happy!

    It's that time... Father's Day!


    How about a gift for you, and then a gift for Dad? It's totally up to you! We won't blame you for accidentally shopping for yourself, too. We're only human. REEL human...




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    Get 15% your entire order online today 6/15 through 6/20 (in case there are some late shoppers out there!) Use promo code at checkout.

    Here are our staff's top Father's Day recommendations: 












    Catch Up on REEL Lifestyle Product Reviews

    Catch Up on REEL Lifestyle Product Reviews

    In case you missed the last couple reviews we did pushed out onto our social channels, you can see them here: 

    I reviewed paddleboards and asked my friends over at Redemption Sports for some help to act as a guide in case you're in the market to buy a paddleboard:


    The other one you might have missed is from Denis Isbister, our partner of Wild Fish Wild Places. Denis reviews the pros and cons of the different ways to attach your spinner to your line featuring Panther Martin Lures. 


    Any questions for me or Denis, comment here or ask us via social channels.


    How About Some Kayak Angling

    How About Some Kayak Angling

    The Increasingly Popular Option for on the Water Fishing

    They say the worst day fishing is better than the best day working.  And now that day of fishing can be even better when you fish from a kayak.  Here at REEL Lifestyle, we love to get people excited about all sorts of activities that take place in, on or around the water.  Kayak angling offers the opportunity to do two at once.

    Having recently become popular, kayak angling offers an added level of excitement and fun to fishing that includes a close proximity to both the water and the fish you are trying to catch – which in many cases can be quite large and feisty.  Whereas fishing off a boat can offer a semblance of safety and security, anglers in kayaks can easily be pulled through the water.  Kayaks offer anglers the ability to get into smaller bodies of water that larger fishing boats can’t access and the absence of a noisy engine that chases the fish away.

    Part of the popularity of kayak angling is how relatively inexpensive it is to get started as well as the ease of transportation and storage of the kayak.



    Here are some tips for getting started:

    #1 Try before you buy

    Before you rush out and buy your first kayak consider renting one from your local paddle store so that you can get a feel for the different types of kayaks available.   Also, while you are likely an accomplished angler, take some time to get comfortable kayaking before you add your rod and hook to the equation.

    #2  Safety

    Kayaks are a blast to be on the water in but the can tip over and you can fall out.  Make sure to always wear a life  vest (PFD) and be sure that it fits well and stays on.  You may even want to consider taking a class to make sure that you are skilled when you head out on your first fishing trip.

    #3  Do your research

    Now that you’re ready to buy, there are many, many options available and you can even get into one for as little as around $250.00.  However, as with any purchase you get what you pay for.  It is important to consider your size as you will need a good size kayak if you are a bigger person.  Other things to consider are space, comfort, storage, movability and safety.  Hard kayaks are always recommended for fishing over inflatable models due to the almost inevitable puncture that would be caused by a hook.

    Make sure to get a great paddle as well.  You want one that is light and firm as it will make paddling easier.  Here is a great article on buying a kayak

    #4  Transportation

    Now that you have your kayak, it’s time to transport it to your first fishing spot.  There are three main ways to transport your kayak:  truck, trailer or roof rack.  Most single person kayaks can be easily secured to a good roof rack with just a few straps, but be sure to remove the equipment inside and place in the vehicle while transporting.

    #5  Preparation

    Before you launch your kayak make sure you are totally prepared.  Rig your rod, know where all your bait, tackle, food and drinks are so that you are totally organized.  You won’t have much room to move around so make sure you think about where you want to position everything on the boat.

    #6  Launching Your Kayak

    Some people actually port their kayak via a fishing boat to deeper waters so that they can fish for a variety of species.  But you can also launch right from the shore line or from a dock.   


    #7  Catching your Fish

    Our friend Denis Isbister from Wild Fish Wild Places weighed in on the best approach once your about to catch a fish.  “When a fish strikes, your first instinct is to give it the ole Bass Master hook set, laying into that fish with everything you got, but in a kayak this could be dangerous. Try to remain calm and keep your movements smooth. So stay steady and smooth while you REEL your fish in.” (yep, pun intended!)

    We hope that you will consider expanding your fishing repertoire to include casting off from a kayak.  We think you will be surprised at how exciting it is, the new waters it will open up to you and how much fun you can have.

    Keep us posted on your adventures and hey, we’d love to see some pictures.