The Rouge River

Reel Lifestyle would like to present our blogging station where anything REEL goes. We want your ideas, your journey or stories of what you caught, how you caught it and when. Tell us your story as it matters to us and allow our writer to blog about you and your success as a REEL LIFESTYLE fisherman/woman! Since one of the owners, Rod Cragg, of Reel Lifestyle resides in Gold Beach, Oregon we wanted to mention that Anglers from all of the world come to fish the Rouge River, as the ocean fishing is just as amazing! In Gold Beach there are tons of guides yet there are three that we know of in the area that would love to help you on your next REEL LIFESTYLE adventure! As you all know guides are special people as each one of them are either full time guides, part time or passionately driven by their recreational hobby! They are one with the body of water that they know like the back of their hands who truly live and breath it! Everything that they do in their lives are surrounded by the body of water that they know best which also showcases the insight that they have with what lives in the body of water, where and when! Rod always says, "Treat yourself and fish with a guide, someone who knows more than you do about where you are at and your Reel Lifestyle experience will be one to remember!" By the end of your time with a guide of course you might have caught more fish but you will have learned things that you would never have known without your guide which is just more REEL wisdom and REEL experience!                                            


If you are thinking about heading to the Rouge River this summer please look at this list below and make a call out to any of these people knowing that they know the Rouge like you know your home! The three men that are deep rooted from Gold Beach, Oregon and are locally known for their passion for fishing are Tyson Crumley, Chris Young and Timothy Young. All three are die hard fishermen with some of the most amazing stories, experiences and desire to give you your next REEL LIFESTYLE guided fishing opportunity on the Rouge River!

  • Tyson Crumley: Call Tyson at 541-698-8338 or visit his website

  • Chris Young Guide Service: 541-247-8115

  • Tim Young Guide Service: 541-698-7952

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