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Reel Lifestyle brand has partnered with 'Wild Fish Wild Places' to bring you the most insane fishing destinations, and most wild fish caught on the globe. All of us at Reel Lifestyle are close to Denis Isbister -- one of the main fisherman on the show -- so we sat down with him to capture some inside stories that will never be seen on camera! We invite you to join us, and kick your imagination into high gear as you read Denis's adventures.
Season 7 kicks off with a trip to the South Pacific--1,300 miles from Honolulu to the island of Kiribati, or as fisherman have come to call it, "Christmas Island." One of the challenges of filming a television show in far off countries, or wild, exotic places is maintaining good health. On this trip, their food supply for the island had been shut off for four months leaving non-perishables and fish as the number one table fair. 
Denis laughs as he shares the first morning wake up call, which was was at 5am, and a crazy breakfast that entailed pancakes, spam, peanut butter, and coffee! Luckily, they knew this was going to be an issue, so the crew loaded up on Natures Bakery Fig Bars, beef jerky, and Old Milwaukee beer. As the next few days played out, they enjoyed peanut butter jelly sandwiches for lunch, accompanied with more peanut butter and jelly, with fresh sashimi yellow tail and white rice for dinner. 
The Wild Fish Wild Places crew usually practice catch and release on most of their trips, yet in this case the crew realized this trip was going to be different. Denis laughed aloud as he expressed that as much as they wanted to stick to their plan of catch and release, it wasn't long before they agreed the trip was becoming more about survival. One of the days while fishing the flats, Denis caught a shark, and Dru was having hand to hand combat with a black tip that shortly became dinner. 
Around day three, they all started to notice that people on the island were catching Pink Eye. Wild Fish Wild Places crew got nervous for obvious reasons, and sure enough, producer Greg caught pink eye, yet was in complete denial of what he had. 
As the rest of the week unfolded, ten of the twelve people in camp were struck by the most horrible cases of the infection that attacked both eyes. In the weeks prior, they heard about cases of dysentery as they were notified that one of the local girls passing away from this very curable disease. But they knew that they had to be very careful by not getting any water in their mouths as they showered. 
All in all, it was a successful filming trip; they might might have lost a few pounds from the lack of McDonald's quick pick-ups. But with 18 different species to the camera, beautiful scenery, and some of the most amazing fishing they have ever had, it was well worth leaving the comforts of home to the "Christmas Island Adventure." 
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