REEL’s Recommended Summer Activity: Stand Up Paddleboard Fishing

Hopefully you saw our recent focus on paddleboarding as an amazing way to get some exercise in (you can view that here). As you can tell, we’re excited about this REEL Lifestyle water activity, but now we want to take it to the next level by adding (yep, you guessed it) – a fishing rod! Only seems REEL-ly appropriate (sorry, couldn’t help it…)  If you want to get a quick look at the activity in action, check out this video: 


Paddleboard fishing (or also known as SUP Fishing, or Stand Up Paddleboard Fishing)  is becoming more and more popular and can be an incredibly effective way to get out there and catch a bunch of fish in around one to three feet of water.  It’s  ideal for seeing what you are doing on a clear water day, and you’ll have a blast catching fish.


One of the most important things to keep in mind is that you need to be very comfortable on a paddleboard before you add fishing to the mix.  Also, you should know a little bit about how to fish, what you’ll need and how to carry it on the board so that you are keeping the movement to a minimum once you are out on the water.  Not to mention, keeping your gear to a minimum will also help you manage it efficiently.


Step 1: You need to make sure you have the right board for SUP fishing.  You want a board that is going to be wide enough to give you balance and have enough room to store your gear. We have a quick review video here that you can check out just to get an idea of some options.

Step 2: Getting your paddleboard rigged out for fishing is the first step.  You will need a couple of things when rigging out your board for maximum fishability.  Get a cooler or container that have vertical rod holders; a 2” PVC pipe can be attached to a crate to serve as your rod holder.

You should also consider adding a rope to the back of the board that you tie around your waist so that you can wade in the water and still be attached to your board.  The length of the rope should be just about the full length of the board.

Here is a great video that shows you exactly how extensively you can set up your paddleboard for fishing:


Of course, there are many other items you can add like  mounts for camera gear, a mini anchor and more.  But alternatively, you can purchase a paddle board that is a “fishing edition” made by the manufacturer.


Step 3: You cannot fish and paddle at the same time, so when you put the paddle down you must be very quiet because you don’t want to scare the fish that you’re hopefully really close to. It’s a great idea to  have a rope with a loop on the end of it tied around your waist so that you can put the end of the paddle through the loop.


Step 4: For some people, fishing gear is like a hoarding activity while for others they only like to bring what they know they will need.  When it comes to SUP fishing, both space and weight are at a premium so make sure you only bring the very minimum so that you can manage your gear efficiently.  By using some the space in front and some of the space in the back you will have more than enough room for either a cooler with some accessories and/or a crate with your tackle box, etc.  

Once you are all set up it’s time to get out into that clear water and have some fun. It’s an awesome way to get the whole family out for a day of fishing, everyone grabs a board and gear and goes. Give it a whirl this Summer and let us know how it goes!  Remember, start slow and build up because this activity can tire you out a bit.  Share your pics and tag us on Instagram or Facebook and use #REELFishing. Have an awesome time!

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