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    REEL Lifestyle Guy: Brett Sanford

    REEL Lifestyle Guy: Brett Sanford


    REEL Lifestyle has been lucky enough to partner with some awesome anglers in the past few months and one of those is Brett Sanford from Greenville, Michigan.



    Brett started fishing in tournaments about 15 years ago and currently he competes in multiple weeknight and weekend divisions. His achievements include winning the Mid State Bass Busters Classic in 2016, Angler of the year for Mid State in 2017 and he has had multiple tournament wins so far in 2017. Brett’s goal is to move up into fishing Bassmaster opens and Bfl tournaments in the future.

    The 38-year old husband and father of four says he loves being outdoors and especially on the water. When he’s not fishing, Brett is working hard at his day job as a CNC programmer at a tool and die shop which he has been doing since 1998.

    We hope you will join us in wishing Brett the best of luck in all his upcoming tournaments and we are so pleased to have him as part of the REEL Lifestyle tribe. Fishing and outdoor apparel partnerships can help the fishing be more awesome, don't you think?

    You can follow Brett on Twitter @1978Sanford

    About Our REEL Lifestyle Girl Jenny Meeks

    About Our REEL Lifestyle Girl Jenny Meeks

    Jenny Meeks is from Sacramento, California!  We’re thrilled to have her as an ongoing REEL Lifestyle Tribe Member!

    Here’s a little bit about her: 

    Hey, Jenny here! I am so happy to represent and be a part of the REEL Lifestyle tribe and I will be taking you on my adventures (taking over social for REEL Lifestyle, sharing pics, and more)!

    I grew up with an immense appreciation for the outdoors thanks to my parents.  We would often go camping in the Sierra Nevada Mountains or near the Pacific Ocean, and I have a huge appreciation for the wildlife and overall great outdoors throughout Northern California. 


    Two years ago, I picked up my first fly fishing rod. I’d pass a sparkling stream or lake and wished I had a fly rod in hand so once I had that rod, I took to fishing really quickly.  Since then, I’m learning to perfect my craft of slinging bugs.  I go fly fishing a lot in the local rivers in Sacramento, as well as venturing to the Truckee River, the Eastern Sierra, and love Bozeman, Montana.  Fly fishing provides the perfect outlet to a stressful day and challenges me more and more.

    When I’m not fly fishing, you can find me camping in the Alabama Hills, Bishop Creek, or somewhere fantastic in Nevada.  There’s nothing like camping in the high desert with only the light of a campfire and a ceiling of radiant stars. I’m loving my career as a third grade teacher in the small community of Oak Park in Sacramento, but my true hope is to really inspire my students to appreciate the love for the outdoors like I do!   

    Follow Jenny on Instagram here!

    And, you'll be seeing her on our REEL_Lifestyle_Girl Instagram channel as well.


    Trevacy Outdoors and the REEL Lifestyle Team Up

    Trevacy Outdoors and the REEL Lifestyle Team Up

    Trevacy Outdoors + REEL Lifestyle 

    By: Trever Dorics of Trevacy Outdoors


    The Trevacy Outdoors team is excited about recently becoming a part of the REEL Lifestyle Tribe officially. We wanted to share some background about who we are and why we are so in love with the water and great outdoors.

    The REEL Lifestyle tribe is inclusive of so many different things. The meaning of it to all of us here is that it's mostly about bringing people together who have a love and appreciation of the water and the outdoor life. For us, (we're a husband and wife duo, Tracy and Trever), this typically revolves around being on a boat, freshwater or saltwater, fishing, or just relaxing and enjoying each other’s company in the great outdoors. This is a time to relax, enjoy good company, share your adventures, create traditions, and give back to the waterways whenever you can so that future generations can enjoy them, just the same.


    Living in Florida, you cannot help but be around the water! It’s the way of life around here. Even when we are not in Florida, we find ourselves pulled to the water somehow. In the mountains you can listen to the creeks and waterfalls and hear all of nature around you. There is something about the water that is so calming, so easy to see why the water is our go to relaxation spot! 

    Looking forward to this REEL LIfestyle + Trevacy Outdoors partnership!


    Currently, we are an online retailer offering over 20,000 outdoor-related items (gear, carefully selected apparel partners like REEL Lifestyle, etc.) with many more that we can order should someone be looking for an item that we may not have listed on our site. Additionally, we are a part of some TV series where we share our adventures in fishing and hunting, as well as show our support for different charity events and organizations.

    Our vision for the future is grandiose, but one of our current goals is to open a brick and mortar store where we would be able to serve our customers face to face and help them start their own adventures and traditions in the wild outdoors. Additionally, we would love to start our own organization creating charity events, such as, Veterans, Law Enforcement, First Responders, our helping at-risk youth. We try to donate and/or participate in as many charity events as possible each year and give back to our communities, as well as those that put their lives on the line for us!

    Some of the REEL Lifestyle apparel is now available to our shoppers at!


    New REEL Lifestyle Girl Traveling the Globe

    New REEL Lifestyle Girl Traveling the Globe


    The REEL Lifestyle in the Pacific Northwest Life with a Global Adventurer





    Lindsey Ganahl is a native of the Pacific Northwest, and has embraced outdoor adventure as a way of life since she was a child. Professionally she's represented major outdoor gear retailers as a content marketer for five years. Her guiding philosophy is to live a life that you don't want to take a vacation from, and she achieves this by integrating microadventures into her daily life.

    Whether it's sailing on Puget Sound after work, paddle boarding on Lake Washington or camping by Alpine Lakes on sunny summer weekends, nature is not a place she visits, but is her home. She prefers spending more nights in her tent than in her house, and is frequently caught pulling "all nighters" during the week to photograph the Aurora borealis or the Milky Way.

    When she's not out adventuring she works in non-profit for a glass school founded by artist Dale Chihuly with the mission of helping artists return to nature to catalyze the creative process.

    Catch Lindsey on our REEL Lifestyle Girl Instagram channel! Follow us & our adventures: