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    The REEL Outdoor Lifestyle — Denis Isbister

    Top 9 Places To Catch BIG Fish

    Top 9 Places To Catch BIG Fish

    Top 9 Places Where You Can Catch the REALLY BIG Fish

     By: Denis Isbister of WIld Fish WIld Places


    It’s no secret that I love to catch the big fish.  And when it comes to finding big fish the WFWP crew is always traveling the globe in search of the biggest and the best.  But there are so many great places and species of fish, one scarcely knows where to start.  That’s why I decided to give you some ideas of where I recommend you go to find them.


    Here are some of my favorite big fish to catch and a few of the places I recommend going to be successful at catching them.

    Rainbow Trout


    Southern Patagonia and world-famous Lago Strobel aka Jurassic Lake is home to the most prolific and largest rainbow trout in the world.  We have taken a few trips there and have not been disappointed.  


    Peacock Bass


    Everyone has heard about chasing Peacock Bass in the Amazon jungle from Brazil but if you want the real big ones it's going to take a little more work. Camping in tents on a sandbar in the Colombian jungle where the headwaters of the Amazon start is where you find the REEL big ones. Bathing in piranha filled water at night, where you have to shuffle your feet to make sure the freshwater stingrays won't stab you, that is going to be your home for the week.  


    Vampire Fish or Payara


    There is only two ways into La Macarena, Colombia, by plane or by boat and it is still FARC controlled and dangerous to boat in. The river system that flows through this tiny Colombian town is the basecamp for some of the largest Vampire fish in South America.  Check out this guy’s teeth.  They were about 4” long and he weighed about 40lbs.


    King Salmon


    If you want to catch some awesome King Salmon, head to the NakNek river in King Salmon Alaska.  The Naknek is home to one of the largest runs of King Salmon with thousands of fish making their way up the river to spawn. If you want to catch King Salmon, the season there runs from the beginning of June till the end of July.


    Lake Trout


    Lake Athabasca in Northern Saskatchewan is home to some of the biggest lakes on the planet with fly in access only during the summer months, Lakers Unlimited is your fly in lodge that handles this trip. 30, 40, 50 and even 60-pound Lake Trout have come from this rich fishery




    While you're at Lake Athabasca you might as well catch the biggest Northern Pike of your life too! But don’t expect this monster to come easy. Even the smaller Pikes will give you a fight and you need to make sure you are using the right equipment to catch this fish.  Northern Pike spawn in early spring and right when the ice is thawed is the best time to catch them in shallow waters.


    Cutthroat Trout


    A world record Cutthroat Trout came from Pyramid Lake, Nevada and the fish have been getting bigger and bigger over the last 10 years. Nowadays a 10 pounder won’t even get a second glance with many fish over 20 pounds and a few rumors that fish as big as 30 lbs were caught last year



    If you are ready to take on going after this legendary silver king, there are a few spots that you may want to consider planning your next trip.  Boca Grande Pass, Key West, Miami, Puerto Rico and Southern Louisiana are all spots to chase after one of the most bad-ass fish in the world.  With weights of between 40 – 100 lbs totally common and some weighing over 200 lbs, catching this big guy is an experience you will love.




    If you like fishing for Salmon then you will love fishing for the strong, aggressive Sheefish from Alaska (aka: tarpon of the north_.  One of the best places to catch Sheefish is the Kobuk River in the Northern reaches of Alaska.  The river stretches 174 miles and houses some of the hottest fishing grounds in the state.  To make the most of any fishing trip to Alaska, be sure to use a fishing guide.


    Summer Fishing in Argentina

    Exploring Argentina 2017

    Jurassic Lake Fishing Adventure

    By: Denis Isbister of Wild Fish Wild Places




    The southern end of the Patagonia region close to El Calafate is one of the most unforgiving and inhospitable areas I’ve ever visited in my fishing career. It's dry, windy, barren, and has really tough conditions. That makes it a pretty much uninhabited area with the exception of sheep ranches and, oh, the GIANT rainbow trout! Yep, GIANT. That's one above to give you an idea...




    While it's barren, it's beautiful. Estancia Laguna Verde is the home base of operations for Lago Strobel or as most have come to call it “Jurassic Lake.” The lodge has many fishing lagoons and depending on the time of year, creeks that are full of great fishing opportunities, but we were here to chase the big trout!

    Our guide Martin, a 6-year veteran to Elv lodge, suggested we make a hike one day to an area they call “the island” and the “aquarium” as only a small handful of people have fished it the entire season due to the difficulty of the hike. He explained it was about a 3-mile hike over treacherous boulder piles and slick rocks, but if we could get there the fishing was sure to be a slam dunk.


    The next day we drove as far as we could and loaded up our packs for the day. Only what we needed, water, fly fishing equipment and snacks for lunch. For some reason Martin didn’t want to pack his giant frying pan in to cook shore lunch, damn, we were looking forward to that!

    As we made our descent down the giant boulder field crawling over rocks and jumping in between crevasse’s we could hear the splashing of fish eating on the surface. That alone was enough to kick the adrenaline in to overdrive and keep moving toward our first spot called “the island.” As we approached our spot Martin spotted the first fish immediately and lined Dreu up on the mark. As he pulled his olive jig fly loose from his rod and made a cast it was almost automatic, like the fish have never seen a fly….oh, wait, they haven’t! The fish turned with reckless abandonment and ate the fly like it hadn’t had a meal in a week. The fight was on, and the fish got airborne 4 or 5 times, and made some fast runs finally giving up to the net and Dreu had his first 12 lb. catch of the trip. (Nice, Dreu!)

    The morning went on like this for a while with more 8 to 12 pound rainbows getting landed but I wanted to explore the area a little so I took our producer and started walking. We found a great spot high on the rocks with a deep water shelf within close proximity, perfect for big fish! As we looked around we spotted a nice fish cruising the shoreline and started making some casts to it. After a few rejections, we changed colors and started back in with an olive bead head wooly bugger with brown hackle and a brown tail.

    I made a few casts and finally he bought it, the hook set and the fight was on. This fish knew the game, he immediately took me into the closest rock pile trying to break me free, then the next rock pile and again the next rock pile. This went on for 3 rounds in 4 different rock piles as I chased him one direction trying to keep him locked in when finally I tired him out. Martin came to the rescue with the net job and landed this Jurassic Lake monster of 18 lbs. What a day for a hike!

    For more of our adventures, please follow us on YouTube!


    How About Some Kayak Angling

    How About Some Kayak Angling

    The Increasingly Popular Option for on the Water Fishing

    They say the worst day fishing is better than the best day working.  And now that day of fishing can be even better when you fish from a kayak.  Here at REEL Lifestyle, we love to get people excited about all sorts of activities that take place in, on or around the water.  Kayak angling offers the opportunity to do two at once.

    Having recently become popular, kayak angling offers an added level of excitement and fun to fishing that includes a close proximity to both the water and the fish you are trying to catch – which in many cases can be quite large and feisty.  Whereas fishing off a boat can offer a semblance of safety and security, anglers in kayaks can easily be pulled through the water.  Kayaks offer anglers the ability to get into smaller bodies of water that larger fishing boats can’t access and the absence of a noisy engine that chases the fish away.

    Part of the popularity of kayak angling is how relatively inexpensive it is to get started as well as the ease of transportation and storage of the kayak.



    Here are some tips for getting started:

    #1 Try before you buy

    Before you rush out and buy your first kayak consider renting one from your local paddle store so that you can get a feel for the different types of kayaks available.   Also, while you are likely an accomplished angler, take some time to get comfortable kayaking before you add your rod and hook to the equation.

    #2  Safety

    Kayaks are a blast to be on the water in but the can tip over and you can fall out.  Make sure to always wear a life  vest (PFD) and be sure that it fits well and stays on.  You may even want to consider taking a class to make sure that you are skilled when you head out on your first fishing trip.

    #3  Do your research

    Now that you’re ready to buy, there are many, many options available and you can even get into one for as little as around $250.00.  However, as with any purchase you get what you pay for.  It is important to consider your size as you will need a good size kayak if you are a bigger person.  Other things to consider are space, comfort, storage, movability and safety.  Hard kayaks are always recommended for fishing over inflatable models due to the almost inevitable puncture that would be caused by a hook.

    Make sure to get a great paddle as well.  You want one that is light and firm as it will make paddling easier.  Here is a great article on buying a kayak

    #4  Transportation

    Now that you have your kayak, it’s time to transport it to your first fishing spot.  There are three main ways to transport your kayak:  truck, trailer or roof rack.  Most single person kayaks can be easily secured to a good roof rack with just a few straps, but be sure to remove the equipment inside and place in the vehicle while transporting.

    #5  Preparation

    Before you launch your kayak make sure you are totally prepared.  Rig your rod, know where all your bait, tackle, food and drinks are so that you are totally organized.  You won’t have much room to move around so make sure you think about where you want to position everything on the boat.

    #6  Launching Your Kayak

    Some people actually port their kayak via a fishing boat to deeper waters so that they can fish for a variety of species.  But you can also launch right from the shore line or from a dock.   


    #7  Catching your Fish

    Our friend Denis Isbister from Wild Fish Wild Places weighed in on the best approach once your about to catch a fish.  “When a fish strikes, your first instinct is to give it the ole Bass Master hook set, laying into that fish with everything you got, but in a kayak this could be dangerous. Try to remain calm and keep your movements smooth. So stay steady and smooth while you REEL your fish in.” (yep, pun intended!)

    We hope that you will consider expanding your fishing repertoire to include casting off from a kayak.  We think you will be surprised at how exciting it is, the new waters it will open up to you and how much fun you can have.

    Keep us posted on your adventures and hey, we’d love to see some pictures.


    May Contest: We Team Up With Adamsbuilt Fishing Gear

    May Contest: We Team Up With Adamsbuilt Fishing Gear

    REEL Lifestyle and Adamsbuilt Fishing Gear came together to do something awesome to kick off May. We want you to share your BEST images from your fishing adventures for a chance to win BIG!

    The sample pic below is from Denis Isbister and Dreu Murin of Wild Fish Wild Places. (You can check out their show on the World Fishing Network here!) That's one BIG fish! This was a kickass WILD adventure and one of their fave moments. Something like this:


    Please send us images of the MOST unforgettable fishing adventures. Whether it’s an unforgettable place, or it was a water adventure with unforgettable people, we want to see it!

    Also, please provide a brief description of your adventure to help us pick the top 2 winners... one male and one female.

    REEL Lifestyle & Adamsbuilt Photo Contest


    Apparel from REEL Lifestyle:

    (You can pick and choose clothing as you desire)


    Fishing gear from Adamsbuilt:
    Scissors, Small Fly Box  & Fishing Gear Bag
    adamsbuilt-fishing-gear-reel-lifestyle-fishing-photo-contest-giveaway                 adamsbuilt-fishing-gear-reel-lifestyle-fishing-photo-contest-giveaway             

    Contest goes live May 5, 2017 and ends on May 21, 2017! Entry is one picture (though you can share more than one pic) with short blurb about your adventure. You can vote on your image or any other pictures, or have your family and friends vote for you by sharing the contest.

    Two winners will be chosen and this will be based on the REEL Lifestyle team evaluating the image and the short story you send through. So make sure to send through your most AWESOME pics and short blurb to tell us about your amazing fishing adventure!

    We will let the winners know via email and it will be announced through REEL Lifestyle's social channels so make sure to follow REEL Lifestyle on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram! The items will be shipped to the winners once we get addresses for where to ship. and sizes needed. ENTER NOW, SEE PRIZES FOR MALES/FEMALES BELOW!

    About REEL Lifestyle

    The REEL Lifestyle is more than just apparel for REEL people, we are a way of life.

    Founded by a family of outdoor enthusiasts, REEL Lifestyle is dedicated to promoting activities of all kinds in and around the water. Whether you’re kayaking down the river, boating on the lake, paddleboarding in the ocean, or fishing anywhere, we want to help you get the most out of living the REEL Lifestyle.

    Our goal is to create clothing that offers maximum comfort and style and looks great on every member of the family. By combining great design with high quality fabrics, our easy to wear apparel gives you the freedom your body needs to move around - whether you’d rather be on a gushing river, placid lake or riding giant waves - we’re glad to have you as part of the REEL tribe!
    About Adamsbuilt

    Adamsbuilt fishing gear was developed from a need in the fishing industry to make great quality, dependable and rugged gear for fishing at an affordable price.

    Mont Adams, CEO, has over 30 years of outdoor gear experience. He created Adamsbuilt 16 years ago because he saw fly fishing manufacturers price out the average working class person offering incredibly expensive gear. He loves fishing and the outdoors, and is dedicated to building great products he his proud to have his name be a part of.
    Mont partnered with the top rod engineers, gear designers and wader manufactures overseas to develop the Adamsbuilt Fishing line.
    Denis Isbister, of the TV show Wild Fish Wild Places, teamed up in 2013 with Mont to take Adamsbuilt Fishing to the next level.  The extreme fishing destinations and nonstop travel in the Wild Fish Wild Places adventures are the ultimate testing ground for all of Adamsbuilt products.

    Reel Lifestyle partnered with 'Wild Fish Wild Places'

    Reel Lifestyle partnered with 'Wild Fish Wild Places'

    Reel Lifestyle brand has partnered with 'Wild Fish Wild Places' to bring you the most insane fishing destinations, and most wild fish caught on the globe. All of us at Reel Lifestyle are close to Denis Isbister -- one of the main fisherman on the show -- so we sat down with him to capture some inside stories that will never be seen on camera! We invite you to join us, and kick your imagination into high gear as you read Denis's adventures.
    Season 7 kicks off with a trip to the South Pacific--1,300 miles from Honolulu to the island of Kiribati, or as fisherman have come to call it, "Christmas Island." One of the challenges of filming a television show in far off countries, or wild, exotic places is maintaining good health. On this trip, their food supply for the island had been shut off for four months leaving non-perishables and fish as the number one table fair. 
    Denis laughs as he shares the first morning wake up call, which was was at 5am, and a crazy breakfast that entailed pancakes, spam, peanut butter, and coffee! Luckily, they knew this was going to be an issue, so the crew loaded up on Natures Bakery Fig Bars, beef jerky, and Old Milwaukee beer. As the next few days played out, they enjoyed peanut butter jelly sandwiches for lunch, accompanied with more peanut butter and jelly, with fresh sashimi yellow tail and white rice for dinner. 
    The Wild Fish Wild Places crew usually practice catch and release on most of their trips, yet in this case the crew realized this trip was going to be different. Denis laughed aloud as he expressed that as much as they wanted to stick to their plan of catch and release, it wasn't long before they agreed the trip was becoming more about survival. One of the days while fishing the flats, Denis caught a shark, and Dru was having hand to hand combat with a black tip that shortly became dinner. 
    Around day three, they all started to notice that people on the island were catching Pink Eye. Wild Fish Wild Places crew got nervous for obvious reasons, and sure enough, producer Greg caught pink eye, yet was in complete denial of what he had. 
    As the rest of the week unfolded, ten of the twelve people in camp were struck by the most horrible cases of the infection that attacked both eyes. In the weeks prior, they heard about cases of dysentery as they were notified that one of the local girls passing away from this very curable disease. But they knew that they had to be very careful by not getting any water in their mouths as they showered. 
    All in all, it was a successful filming trip; they might might have lost a few pounds from the lack of McDonald's quick pick-ups. But with 18 different species to the camera, beautiful scenery, and some of the most amazing fishing they have ever had, it was well worth leaving the comforts of home to the "Christmas Island Adventure." 
    Stay tuned to the Reel Lifestyle blog, and subscribe to our socials to keep up with more exclusive behind the scenes journeys.