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    Top Seven Professional Female Anglers in the United States

    Top Seven Professional Female Anglers in the United States

    Meet Our List of the Top 7 Female
    Pro-Anglers in the U.S.A.

    There are some really awesome, badass women who fish, and we've taken our time to really find the anglers who represent everything the REEL Lifestyle was founded upon. Fishing and living that life that exudes the love of fishing and the love of water and the outdoors! Here they are below and we've included ways you can follow them!



    Amanda Godfrey

    23-year old Amanda Godfrey started fishing when she was just a toddler with a Snoopy fishing pole.  She fished her first tournament when she was just 7 years old and has been hooked ever since.  She has been competing ever since and now has several sponsors.  In addition to fishing herself she is also passionate about getting younger generations interested in fishing.  Currently she competes in a number of different local tournaments and charity tournaments throughout North and South Carolina, Georgia, and Tennessee. Read more about Amanda here.



    Pam Ridgle

    Fishing has always been part of Pam’s life and she credits her mom and dad as being the first to influence her in fishing.  She enjoys fishing with kids and taking people fishing.  She participates in her local high school, serving as an advisor and boat captain.

    Pam started fishing the LBAA when it launched and she was searching for a women’s bass club.  She encourages all women to join the competition. Her next fishing goal is to catch a 13 lb bass which would be released to Texas Parks and Wildlife as part of the ShareLunker Program.  Their mission is “To involve the public in the conservation and enhancement of trophy bass fishing in Texas.”

    Pam’s advice about tournament fishing is that “you cannot control fishing conditions or having the boat breakdown. You must always stay focused. If these problems arise, keep fishing and never give up. The next cast could be the winning fish.”

    Read more about Pam here.



    Secret York

    Secret has been fishing all her life but in 1994 a friend introduced her to tournament angling with the National Bass N gals. Since that time, she has competed with the Women’s Bass Fishing Association, Women’s Bassmaster Tour, Bassin Her Style and now the Lady Bass Anglers Association.

    Secret says that fishing and being on the water is her “sanity pill” and what means the most to her is the people she has met and the friendships that she has shared.  One of the highlights of her career was on Neely-Henry lake in Gadsden, AL. when she finally beat Pam Martin-Wells by two hundredths of a pound. Secret has been trying to beat Pam for 12 years!

    When it comes to fishing, Secret has a saying and that is "You Gotta Believe.”

    Read more about Secret here.



    Brandi Vanover

    Brandi got an early start to fishing after she went with her father at just age 2.  After that, growing up in a neighborhood full of boys her age, she started fishing more and more as she got older.

    Brandi started fishing in women’s tournaments at 18 after meeting Secret York at a school Banquet.  Secret told her all about women’s competitions and suggested she give it a shot.  She came in 9th in her first tournament after three days and has been hooked ever since.

    Brandi loves getting to fish with and meet all the wonderful ladies from around the world who also love to fish and she wants to be part of professional angling for the rest of her life.  Her sponsors are: River Runner Baits and Slongs Fishing Lures.

    Those wishing to contact Brandi may do so at or Brandi Vanover on Facebook.

    Read more about Brandi here.



    Penny McCurdy

    Penny grew up fishing with her dad and grandparents on Caddo Lake in Louisianna.  When she was a teenager her parents would let her take out the family boat and fish until her dad used the family signal to call her in - honking the truck horn 5 times.

    Penny has fished in many tournaments including Oilmen's on Toledo Bend and Red River, Skeeter Owner's and McDonald's on Lake Fork, H&W Team Trail with Noella McLaurin since 2012, where she advanced to the Classic each year, Bayou Outdoors Team Trail and the last two years, the Lady Bass Anglers Association Pro circuit where she has made the championship both years.

    Penny has several sponsors including Christi Nutt with Quality Building in Queen City, Texas, Stanley Lures, Hale Lures and Elite Tungsten.

    Read more about Penny here.



    Teri Cindric

    Teri began her professional bass fishing with the Lady Bass Anglers Association for its first full tournament season in 2011. Even now as a pro she says she learns something new each time she hits the water. According to Teri, the secret to success in fishing is simply time on the water and she wishes she had even more time to fish.  But she has to spend some time with her family, friends and three adorable dogs.

    Her biggest catch in a tournament so far was a 6 lb largemouth caught on Patoka Lake in Indiana fishing a blue and chrome Rat-L-Trap.  She won the tournament and took home the big bass for the day.  Teri is thankful to the LBAA for giving her a place to start her professional fishing career and hopes that more sponsors come along and realize how great all of the ladies are who make the organization so successful.

    Her sponsors include Kentucky Fried Chicken, Red Dirt Bait Company, Nemesis Baits, Denali Rods, Nightrain clothing, Scales & Tales,  Pure Fishing, Southern Sports Group, Mercury, and Nashville Marine.

    Read more about Teri here.



    Monica Altman

    Monica’s fishing journey started back as a young girl at the age of eight or nine when she fished the river banks and local ponds with her father catching many bass and catfish.

    Later in life, after marrying her husband Max, fishing came back into her life and while competing was not on her radar, her husband pointed out a Women’s Bassmaster tournament to her and encouraged her to get involved.  She has been fishing nationally since 2006 with B.A.S.S., FLW or Lady Bass Anglers Association from the back of the boat and the front.

    Her accomplishments include ten first place finishes, thirty top 10 finishes, forty three top 50 finishes. Women’s Bassmaster finishes: Three 1st place finishes, one 2nd place finish, and six top 10’s, Co-Angler Runner Up in 2008 and Co-Angler Champion in 2009. Along the way, she’s won four boats, cash and prizes with career earnings of $142,000.00.  But, says Monica, it’s all about making memories and making friends.

    Read more about Monica here.



    Top 4 Camping Spots in the Pacific Northwest

    Top 4 Camping Spots in the Pacific Northwest

    REEL Lifestyle perused the Pacific Northwest to find the best camping spots. These are our top four locations we thought our REEL Lifestyle tribe would love. 

    Also, did you know that it’s National Trail Mix Day today, August 31, 2017? We know, it's a bit of a funky "holiday" but seems quite appropriate with Labor Day upon us, and trail mix does go hand-in-hand with hiking, camping and outdoor life in general. Recipe at the bottom for you to make your own.

    Deciding on these top picks was a tough task as narrowing down camping spots is hard when you can find a tremendous amount of gorgeous locations to camp out in the PNW. We took some different things into consideration and ultimately focused on these top four locations so that you can easily scope them out for yourself and each location has something unique the others do not.



    First stop is the lovely state of Washington to the town of Zillah. This option is more “glamping” than camping, but we like to mix it up a bit. We found a very unique spot called Cherry Wood Bed, Breakfast and Barn. They offer horseback and winery rides (being in the Yakima Valley’s Wine Country doesn’t hurt either), and you can stay in teepees or even go on a cowboy limo winery tour (this includes a wagon tow through wineries by their "cowboy" guides). The teepee lodging experience is a mix of roughing it and luxury so you can get the best of both worlds. Click here for more info. Location: 3271 Roza Dr, Zillah, WA 98953. 



    Photos from Cherry Wood Bed Breakfast and Barn



    Next, let’s get over to the breathtaking area that makes up the Point Reyes National Seashore so that we can do some beach camping. This is a fantastic area of coastline just north of San Francisco, CA in Marin County. The beaches here are to-die-for and the Point Reyes Lighthouse is a viewpoint where you can see migrating gray whales to-boot.

    The Point Reyes National Seashore offers backcountry camping, where you can hike, ride bikes or ride a horse into the campgrounds. You can even do boat-in camping which means you must arrive by boat, kayak, canoe or some other type of watercraft. Tomales Bay is the area that allows this to be done and there is a fee and permit for overnight camping. You can make reservations here and explore all it has to have offer here.




    3.  NEVADA

    Desert scenery can be astounding, especially when you go into areas that put you directly into scenes from Wild West movies. We’re jumping over to the Atlatl Rock Campground which is in the Valley of Fire State Park located in Southern Nevada about 50 miles from Las Vegas. You’ll be able to see red rocks, petroglyphs (you remember learning about those in school, right?!), and you can take a hiking adventure through red rock pinnacles. You can explore their 44 campsites and the area of the Valley of Fire here.




    1. IDAHO

    Now we’re swooping over to Idaho where we’ve found a massive national forest that has lakes and streams all over so you can REEL Lifestyle it up easily here. Located in the Idaho Panhandle National Forests is the Avery Creek Cabin, which is 20 miles northeast of Kingston, Idaho. The cabin was built in the 1920’s but has been renovated and can be rented. It’s right by the Coeur d’Alene River so you have access by car and you can hike, fish for cutthroat or rainbow trout in the river, and bring a group as the cabin can fit up to 6. For more information, go here.

    Source: USDA Forest Service


    And, lastly, since it’s National Trail Mix Day, here’s a trail mix recipe you can make at home for your next hike or camping trip. These are Trail Mix Balls so they’re super easy to eat on your feet. From



    • ⅓ cup honey
    • 2 tablespoons water
    • ⅓ cup peanut butter
    • ½ teaspoon vanilla
    • ¾ cup crisp rice cereal
    • ¾ cup rolled oats, toasted (see Tip)
    • ⅓ cup dried fruit bits
    • ¼ cup salted sunflower kernels
    • ¼ cup lightly salted peanuts
    • ¼ cup unsweetened large flake coconut
    • 1 tablespoon sesame seeds



    1. In a small saucepan, combine honey and the water; cook and stir over low heat until the honey liquefies. Remove from heat. Add peanut butter and vanilla, whisking until peanut butter is melted and mixture is smooth.
    2. Meanwhile, in a large bowl, combine rice cereal, toasted rolled oats, fruit bits, sunflower seed kernels, peanuts, coconut, and sesame seeds. Pour honey mixture over cereal mixture; stir to coat. Cover and chill for 1 to 2 hours or just until firm.
    3. Using your damp hands, shape mixture into 30 balls, each about 1- ¼ inches in diameter. Chill balls until ready to serve. Store in a tightly covered container in the refrigerator for up to 1 week. Makes 30 balls (2 balls per serving)
    • Test Kitchen Tip: To toast oats, place them in a dry medium skillet; cook over medium-high heat until lightly golden and fragrant, stirring frequently to prevent scorching.




    Trevacy Outdoors and the REEL Lifestyle Team Up

    Trevacy Outdoors and the REEL Lifestyle Team Up

    Trevacy Outdoors + REEL Lifestyle 

    By: Trever Dorics of Trevacy Outdoors


    The Trevacy Outdoors team is excited about recently becoming a part of the REEL Lifestyle Tribe officially. We wanted to share some background about who we are and why we are so in love with the water and great outdoors.

    The REEL Lifestyle tribe is inclusive of so many different things. The meaning of it to all of us here is that it's mostly about bringing people together who have a love and appreciation of the water and the outdoor life. For us, (we're a husband and wife duo, Tracy and Trever), this typically revolves around being on a boat, freshwater or saltwater, fishing, or just relaxing and enjoying each other’s company in the great outdoors. This is a time to relax, enjoy good company, share your adventures, create traditions, and give back to the waterways whenever you can so that future generations can enjoy them, just the same.


    Living in Florida, you cannot help but be around the water! It’s the way of life around here. Even when we are not in Florida, we find ourselves pulled to the water somehow. In the mountains you can listen to the creeks and waterfalls and hear all of nature around you. There is something about the water that is so calming, so easy to see why the water is our go to relaxation spot! 

    Looking forward to this REEL LIfestyle + Trevacy Outdoors partnership!


    Currently, we are an online retailer offering over 20,000 outdoor-related items (gear, carefully selected apparel partners like REEL Lifestyle, etc.) with many more that we can order should someone be looking for an item that we may not have listed on our site. Additionally, we are a part of some TV series where we share our adventures in fishing and hunting, as well as show our support for different charity events and organizations.

    Our vision for the future is grandiose, but one of our current goals is to open a brick and mortar store where we would be able to serve our customers face to face and help them start their own adventures and traditions in the wild outdoors. Additionally, we would love to start our own organization creating charity events, such as, Veterans, Law Enforcement, First Responders, our helping at-risk youth. We try to donate and/or participate in as many charity events as possible each year and give back to our communities, as well as those that put their lives on the line for us!

    Some of the REEL Lifestyle apparel is now available to our shoppers at!


    Top 9 Places To Catch BIG Fish

    Top 9 Places To Catch BIG Fish

    Top 9 Places Where You Can Catch the REALLY BIG Fish

     By: Denis Isbister of WIld Fish WIld Places


    It’s no secret that I love to catch the big fish.  And when it comes to finding big fish the WFWP crew is always traveling the globe in search of the biggest and the best.  But there are so many great places and species of fish, one scarcely knows where to start.  That’s why I decided to give you some ideas of where I recommend you go to find them.


    Here are some of my favorite big fish to catch and a few of the places I recommend going to be successful at catching them.

    Rainbow Trout


    Southern Patagonia and world-famous Lago Strobel aka Jurassic Lake is home to the most prolific and largest rainbow trout in the world.  We have taken a few trips there and have not been disappointed.  


    Peacock Bass


    Everyone has heard about chasing Peacock Bass in the Amazon jungle from Brazil but if you want the real big ones it's going to take a little more work. Camping in tents on a sandbar in the Colombian jungle where the headwaters of the Amazon start is where you find the REEL big ones. Bathing in piranha filled water at night, where you have to shuffle your feet to make sure the freshwater stingrays won't stab you, that is going to be your home for the week.  


    Vampire Fish or Payara


    There is only two ways into La Macarena, Colombia, by plane or by boat and it is still FARC controlled and dangerous to boat in. The river system that flows through this tiny Colombian town is the basecamp for some of the largest Vampire fish in South America.  Check out this guy’s teeth.  They were about 4” long and he weighed about 40lbs.


    King Salmon


    If you want to catch some awesome King Salmon, head to the NakNek river in King Salmon Alaska.  The Naknek is home to one of the largest runs of King Salmon with thousands of fish making their way up the river to spawn. If you want to catch King Salmon, the season there runs from the beginning of June till the end of July.


    Lake Trout


    Lake Athabasca in Northern Saskatchewan is home to some of the biggest lakes on the planet with fly in access only during the summer months, Lakers Unlimited is your fly in lodge that handles this trip. 30, 40, 50 and even 60-pound Lake Trout have come from this rich fishery




    While you're at Lake Athabasca you might as well catch the biggest Northern Pike of your life too! But don’t expect this monster to come easy. Even the smaller Pikes will give you a fight and you need to make sure you are using the right equipment to catch this fish.  Northern Pike spawn in early spring and right when the ice is thawed is the best time to catch them in shallow waters.


    Cutthroat Trout


    A world record Cutthroat Trout came from Pyramid Lake, Nevada and the fish have been getting bigger and bigger over the last 10 years. Nowadays a 10 pounder won’t even get a second glance with many fish over 20 pounds and a few rumors that fish as big as 30 lbs were caught last year



    If you are ready to take on going after this legendary silver king, there are a few spots that you may want to consider planning your next trip.  Boca Grande Pass, Key West, Miami, Puerto Rico and Southern Louisiana are all spots to chase after one of the most bad-ass fish in the world.  With weights of between 40 – 100 lbs totally common and some weighing over 200 lbs, catching this big guy is an experience you will love.




    If you like fishing for Salmon then you will love fishing for the strong, aggressive Sheefish from Alaska (aka: tarpon of the north_.  One of the best places to catch Sheefish is the Kobuk River in the Northern reaches of Alaska.  The river stretches 174 miles and houses some of the hottest fishing grounds in the state.  To make the most of any fishing trip to Alaska, be sure to use a fishing guide.


    Where To Travel This Summer

    Where To Travel This Summer

    Top 7 Summer Destination Spots for Outdoor Adventurers

    Choosing a summer travel destination that has a body of water included can ensure that you’ll be utilizing the full summer ensemble.

    That particular ensemble should include a bathing suit, hat, suntan lotion and some sunglasses (some of us should always add a cooler and drinks on the go, just saying). These are all key items that are all very important for the right kind of summer throw down.

    The challenge is choosing exactly where to go and what kind of water fun you want to have. The U.S. has plenty of adventurous, gorgeous places to go, so let’s explore some REEL Lifestyle options.

    Hilton Head Island, South Carolina


    This resort town has sandy beaches, is a travel destination spot for golf lovers, and is a fantastic spot to hike through many meandering trails. The beautiful beaches are clean and even free of cars. You don’t have to drive anywhere as you can bike and walk as slow or as fast as you’d like all over Hilton Head. There’s a ton of water sport activities that you can do, like kayaking and canoeing, SUP (stand up paddleboarding), and even a Black Sparrow Pirate Ship adventure to set sail on. If you go in September, you can time it with Talk Like a Pirate Day which is on September 19, don’t forget! There are gorgeous hotels and tons of amazing spots to eat, drink and be merry. For more details check out Hilton Head’s site for more info.

    Pearl Lake State Park in Colorado


    Located at the northern tip of Colorado, this is a great lake for outdoor adventurers. You can camp amid trees right on the water’s edge, go on calm, relaxing canoe rides, and the lake has really great cutthroat trout fishing. There are tons of trails to hike and explore, and there’s typically a light fog that will hang over the lake in the morning giving it a mysterious, meditative feel. Perfect to reclaim and reconnect with your higher self. Learn more about it on Colorado’s website.

    San Juan Islands, Washington


    The Pacific Northwest’s beauty does not disappoint, ever. These islands are between the U.S. mainland and Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada. The temperatures keep at about a nice even 70 degrees for a majority of the year so you don’t have to rush there during summer to take part in the warmth. San Juan Island, Orcas Island, Lopez Island and Shaw Island have the most things to do, and these islands also have the most hotel and food options to explore. Getting there is half the fun as you can take a ferry, or you can even take a small plane. Biking, hiking, and all kinds of outdoor adventures await. Visit the San Juan Islands’ site for more info.

    Lake Santeetlah, NC


    This lake in North Carolina sits about 100 miles from Asheville (which is one of the coolest spots next to Charlotte to check out in North Carolina), and it’s a popular destination for people that want to explore via pontoon boats, ski boats or kayaks. The town of Lake Santeetlah is quaint and the surrounding area has a small population. You can camp, visit local farms like Wehrloom Honey Bee Farm,  and the clear water offers great fishing for bass, walleye, bluegill, crappie, bream, and lake trout. For more details check this site here.

    Lake Tahoe, CA


    Lake Tahoe is near and dear to REEL Lifestyle’s heart (given that is the region where our brand was born), but it’s important to note that there’s really cool things you can do there year-round. This includes some really fantastic skiing, but summer provides some awesome things you must check out. You can camp, hike, paddleboard from King’s Beach to Crystal Bay on the North Shore side of the lake, mountain bike, or just throw back some cocktails at the fun at the Wet Woody (Riva Grill, really popular hang out for beach lovers). Here’s a great list of the top 50 things you can do this summer to get the most out of Tahoe.

    Block Island, Rhode Island


    This island sits 12 miles off the coast of Rhode Island and one of the best things about it is that it isn’t a major destination so you shouldn’t have to fight of hoards of people. You can instead relax and just chill out in true summer vacation style. Activities include bike riding, hiking, horseback riding, snorkeling, fishing, parasailing, kayaking and sailing. The food experiences offer everything from five-star dining to some great seafood that’s served in a picnic style setting. There’s lots of events that go on in summer and here’s a good list to get you started to see if this spot should be your next summer stop.

    Catalina Island, California


    Catalina Island is about 22 miles southwest of L.A. and you can travel there at anytime during the year as the weather is warm year-round.  So if you don’t have time to hit it this summer, you can make it a destination to get to some other time in the year. It’s an outdoor adventurer hotspot with tons of tours that you can do on land or via  boat. There’s great camping and boating adventures including boat-in campsites that means you can be totally secluded from just about everyone. See their site to check out everything this island has to offer.

    No matter where you go, enjoy your #REELSummer and make it a sweet one!