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    The REEL Outdoor Lifestyle — Wakeboarding

    Top 4 Badass Kiteboarders in the World

    Top 4 Badass Kiteboarders in the World


    Latching on, harnessing the wind, taking a ride, flipping, jumping, catching the wind to go higher; this is all a part of a “day in the life of” a pro kiteboarder.

    Kiteboarding is a badass watersport, and it combines aspects of wakeboarding, snowboarding, surfing, gymnastics, and more into one sport. It's not to be totally confused with kitesurfing, which is a style of kiteboarding. The kitesurfing style is specific to riding the waves and uses a bit of a different board to do so.  There are different styles of kiteboarding like freestyle, downwinders, speed, course racing, wakestyle, jumping and kitesurfing. All of these require some different equipment to do it, but all of them require a fearless “take on the water and wind” kind of ‘tude.

    Here’s a great video showing some different styles from Rebel.TV

    If you’re a kiteboarder or you’ve tried to do it, then you know it’s a pretty amazing time and takes some mad skills to manipulate the wind and water to do your bidding. So in honor of the skills that it takes to become a pro at the sport, we’ve rounded up the top 4 male and female kiteboarders that are doing some serious REEL Lifestyle water action. We’ve included video so you catch their kiteboarding badassery in action! The ones we’ve listed here are also in the World Kiteboarding League’s (WKL) World Cup 2017.

    1) The top male kiteboarder ranked #1 in the world currently by the WKL is Liam Whaley. Liam is a 20-year old out of Spain that’s really owning that position, and seeing him in action you totally get why he’s holding the #1 ranking spot on the male side. Check out Instagram for Liam @LiamWhaley

    Liam in action: 


    2) The top female kiteboarder ranked #1 in the world by WKL is Bruna Kajiya. Bruna is out of Brazil and was the first woman to land the “Backside 315” move which is very difficult (totally earning that #1 spot)! Instagram for Bruna @brunakajiya

    Check her out! 

    3) Next on our list is male Carlos Mario, ranked #2 in the world by WKL. Also out of Brazil, this young kiteboarder (getting on this top list in 2016 and only 17 years old) is a ripper on the water and rivals his older companions!

    Instagram for Mario @carlosmariobebe Check him out: 

    4. The #2 ranked female in the world by the WKL is Annabel van Westerop and she’s out of Oranjestad, Aruba, and at 23 she is rocking the kiteboarding world. She’s mainly a freestyle elite kiteboarder, and coming up the ranks fast!

    Instagram for Annabel is @Annabelvw  See this rockin female in action: 


    Kiteboarding is a growing sport and to support this REEL Lifestyle kind of watersport action, follow the World Kiteboarding League here.